BT Supply Chain Case Study

BT Supply Chain Case Study

  • Track over 20,000 parts per day

  • Real-time tracking data

  • Reduce trip planning 75%

  • Improved communications to the engineer

  • Reduced running costs & carbon footprint


Infrastructure Upgrade

SkillWeb was also tasked with upgrading BT’s IT infrastructure to not only enhance its functionality but also reduce the ongoing running costs and carbon footprint. By adopting a series of software upgrades and migrating the mobile computers used by 250 delivery drivers, depot staff and store hub operators - to new devices, BT Supply Chain has access to real-time availability of tracking data using GPRS. SkillWeb’s advanced solution provides a flexible framework to both track the movement of parts via barcode scanning, POD, unattended delivery and the GPS location of individual mobile devices.

Planning Tool

The system also utilises SkillWeb’s planning tool to reduce trip planning by as much as 75 per cent and support the complex needs of the network of stores hubs. Meanwhile, SkillWeb’s inbuilt reporting capability has enabled BT to consolidate multiple systems to provide its operational personnel with greater access to supply chain data to continue to identify efficiencies moving forward.

Improved Communications

BT Supply Chain can now plan and track spare parts and other essential transport movements from source to destination using an integrated suite of software using SkillWeb’s technology. Also, by improving communications with the engineer via automated text messages and e-mails, SkillWeb has helped BT Supply Chain to monitor the impact of the changes in productivity and adjust transport operations accordingly.