Skillweb Technology

Skillweb has a proud history of developing mobile technology to ensure our customers receive best value out of their data; whether it be parcel tracking, work schedules or business equipment we provide exceptionally unique solutions to manage your world. In addition, Skillweb invest in developers to ensure latest technology is available and utilised to make sure customers recieve the best experience. Latest Devices Skillweb’s expansive partner network means that our developers work closely with popular handset manufacturers to ensure that our technology can always be used on the latest rugged, semi-rugged and smartphone devices. And if you need help choosing? We can offer advice on which handsets would be best suited to your needs, from superior reception to an inexpensive NFC capable smartphone.


Skillweb’s years of practical experience in helping customers to interpret the minefield of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) places us in an ideal position to help you assess where real time location can benefit your business Until recently, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags have been costly and quite bulky, however, with the arrival of nano-technology these tags can now be printed into labels and clothing for little more than a penny each. Early in 2011, inexpensive Near Field Communication (NFC) handsets started to be released, meaning that real time tracking technology is now in the domain of the masses.

Realtime Location for Warehouse

This technology has been integrated into Houndit Enterprise and increases its ability to locate a stillage, cage or tote to within 6 inches in your warehouse.  Realtime location is Ideally suited to fast moving cross-dock operations, where traditional warehousing is not viable or where storage space is tight. This makes optimum use of available storage space and eliminates unproductive ideal shelving cable-free, disruption free.

Cloud Computing

Having successfully delivered fully hosted and managed solutions to the bulk of our Houndit customers, we made the decision in 2011 to extend our Software as a Service model to the SmartTask suite of solutions. Cloud services are ideal for large scale operations in that they can realise up 95% energy efficiency by reducing the need to service bulky, expensive servers; and according to Forrester Research, most companies are utilising less than 50% of their total capacity. This leaves your IT technicians to focus on key projects over maintenance. For smaller businesses, not only will you be spared the expense of these traditional servers, but also you can now receive the high availability of systems only previously afforded by large enterprise organisations with the flexibility of licensing that doesn’t tie you into lengthy contracts. For all our customers, Cloud computing not only saves time and money but also means that integration with other applications becomes easier, taking less time to implement.

Database Management

Skillweb’s development team contains a core experience in using Microsoft SQL server in both the mobile and server environments. Our team have extensive experience in building complex, transactional data structures designed to support large scale processing systems along with building data structures appropriate to customer reporting. We also provide integrated mobile to server systems using our own web-based synchronisation mechanisms. By utilising powerful features within SQL server we provide high availability; shipping transaction logs to disaster recovery servers in geographically diverse locations. With experience in supporting and maintaining enterprise databases, handling in excess of 100Gb, our database administration team are second to none and achieve enviable systems availability of 100% month on month during operational hours.

High Availability Systems

By utilising our detailed knowledge of Microsoft SQL server along with our extensive experience of building enterprise systems, we deliver cost effective systems that provide high levels of availability. We are happy to contract to service levels in excess of 99.5% availability often achieving 100% availability on a 24×7 basis. When building your solution, we will work with you to understand your requirements for availability and help design a system that provides the best balance of availability and cost.

High Security Systems

Our customer portfolio includes companies which interface with the NHS and other healthcare bodies around Europe which, understandably, have some of the highest security requirements in the world. We continually satisfy the NHS National Network (N3) requirements for handling data that may be accessed through the network. As a result we hold “Approved Service Recipient” status under the Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC). The IGSoC underpins the fundamental requirements to safeguard sensitive patient and employee information being used by the health service and third party organisations. Skillweb has also demonstrated compliance with security requirements for the ISO 27001 (BS 7799) information security management systems standard. This follows an extensive review of Skillweb’s internal policies, systems design and IT infrastructure, and is demonstrative of the robust and secure nature of the solutions that we build for all of our customers across a variety of different industries.