Houndit Enterprise

Houndit enterprise is a tightly integrated and modular operational tracking solution, hosted in the cloud or in-house within enterprise supply chain and postal operations.   Core components can be teamed with additional modules for Collections, Depot Sortation, Planning, Reporting and Interfacing. Each module can be tailored to include functionality such as fulfilment processing, mapping, compliance alerts and client notifications.

Administered through a web based interface, tracking data is captured and operational workflows can be progressed. The connected mobile application can also be used to capture this information in depot as well as all delivery and collection data on the road. Houndit ensures operational efficiency for any business concerned with delivering first time, on-time, every time.

The diagram below shows the overview of core, additional and bolt-on modules. Please click on the green arrows at the top right of each page to view the Houndit modules in more detail and how it could benefit your organisation.