Post and Parcel

Post and Parcel Solutions

From day one, Skillweb has developed enterprise level post and parcel management solutions. Along the way we have worked together to overcome some of the most demanding challenges that face the industry today. For many, the solutions streamline business processes, saving time and money. For others, it enables them to take on and win more business or even, manage peak seasons.

post and Parcel Management Solutions

Our solutions have helped our customers to cut overheads in fleet travel time, communication (in some cases by up to 30%), administration and above all improve customer satisfaction rates by increasing first time delivery far in excess of the industry standard and enabling them to win more business.

For Postal Services

Houndit Enterprise is used by postal organisations across the globe from the Isle of Man to Singapore and is a trusted, proven solution that now boasts awards for the remarkable way that it can be used to greatly enhance and streamline operational efficiencies. A leader in the field, Houndit provides the full set of features you would expect from a post management system as well as a raft of new technology designed to keep you ahead of the competition and demand for services.

For Parcel Carriers

Houndit offers unrivalled track and trace capabilities which have enabled carriers and their customers to know exactly where a parcel is and when it will be delivered, dramatically reducing calls into customer service centres.

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Relieve the Pressure of Peak

With SmartTask POD parcel carriers can easily manage peak seasons and cut the heavy costs associated with delivering high volume bursts. By providing an easy to use smart phone application to casual workforces, you don’t have to worry about the time it takes to get handsets out to them and reduces your reliance on paper.  The solution can also be used for full-time workforces, enabling reductions in hardware estate and management costs, and combined with a parcel management systems, such as Houndit, you have full reporting at your fingertips.

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