What We Do

Skillweb is a privately owned, UK-based business that provides technology solutions designed to help organisations manage their mobile workforces and track the movement of their goods. The company has operated since 1999 managing deployments across the UK and Europe and is responsible for up to 100 million transactions each month and growing.

Clients include BT, DHL, Yodel, Guernsey Post, Jersey Post, Isle of Man Post Office, Air Products (UK and Spain) and other leading names within the logistics, supply chain and healthcare sectors.

Skillweb’s solutions typically help an organisation track and report on the progress of items or jobs throughout their journey to successful completion highlighting, in real-time, any operational issues before they become problems. These end-to-end solutions are simple and intuitive to use and are extremely reliable. As a result calls to our support team are rare – on average an operative will phone us for help just once every three years.

Our Solutions

Skillweb’s HoundIT range of products offer considerably more functionality than any other available solution within its price bracket. In fact we are so confident that our product delivers more value than its competitors that we have set up a ‘benchmark challenge’ on our website to prove it.

Customers can also benefit from Skillweb’s customised solutions designed to address diverse or complex requirements. All solutions come with no hidden charges and a highly competitive whole life cost.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

Customers enjoy major operational benefits such as improved productivity and reduced costs as a result of the real-time visibility and accountability that the solutions deliver. Business processes become quicker and more effective resulting in a key competitive edge that both protects and enhances the customer’s reputation and brand. On average savings of up to 25% per annum can be made with a ROI of less than 18 months.

Skillweb is the only company in the sector to have met the standards of IGSoC –Information Governance Statement of compliance for those working closely with the NHS. This accolade reflects the company’s high levels of data integrity confidentiality, security, availability and accuracy. Skillweb consistently delivers its solutions on time and on budget and takes responsibility for the success of every aspect of work that is undertaken. This means that clients can be rest assured that their ROI is guaranteed.