Corporate Social Responsibility

At Skillweb, we recognise the need to look after our environment and local community, that’s why we always review our corporate social responsibility policies every year and wherever possible source products, suppliers and talented staff from within the local area.


At our offices we recycle paper, cardboard, magazines, aluminium & steel cans and glass. We regularly circulate environmental information to our staff to stimulate awareness and offer a battery collection for recycling facility. All mobile phones and computers that have come to their useful end of life are recycled to WEEE directives or given a new lease of life by donating them to others with a need.

Energy conservation

Office areas are only lit when in use. Computer updates are actioned overnight once a week therefore enabling all desktops, monitors and laptops to be turned-off when not in use.

Each month we review our energy bills and usage to find new ways of saving energy as part of our Carbon Footprint Awareness Program.


We have an internal policy to only print when essential and then to print double-sided. We are moving from printed magazine subscriptions to industry e-magazines. All ink and toner cartridges are recycled as routine.


We are continually building an information-rich website in order to minimise any need for printed brochures and information leaflets. We are moving from printed magazine subscriptions to industry e-magazines. We carefully segment our database and have an online only strategy over traditional, printed mailshots.

Our Staff

We actively encourage our staff to walk, cycle or take public transport and car-share where possible. Where meetings are held out of the area, public transport is a preferred option over lengthy drive time.

Skillweb, where possible, prefers to recruit talented people from the local area for full-time, part-time and apprenticeship roles.

We operate a child-care scheme and facilitate part-time hours to best-suit working parents and, with our flexi-time approach, our team are able to minimise rush-hour traffic and attend health appointments with the minimal disruption.

Skillweb also provide an active social calendar for all staff with recent events including bowling, dining out, go-karting and a variety of team building events.

Our Community

Here at Skillweb we like to interact with other businesses in the area and actively seek to work within the community as well as recruiting talented individuals from nearby colleges and Universities.


We support Brake, a charity in the UK which campaigns for safer roads to reduce the misery of road deaths and supports the victims of road traffic accidents. More information can be found at:

If you have any ideas or comments about how we can improve our contribution for a responsible society, please contact us here