Hermes Launches Innovative Notification Service for Deliveries

Hermes has launched a free service to provide consumers with details of their delivery via email. Parcel Manage is designed to enable the company’s retail customers to enhance the overall delivery experience while reducing the number of consumer enquiries.




According to the consumer delivery specialist, Parcel Manager will allow retailers to automatically send dual-branded emails to customers at defined trigger points as the parcel is scanned throughout its journey. As a result, they will receive notification once the Hermes courier has taken receipt of the parcel and when it is successfully delivered.


Commenting on the launch of Parcel Manager, Hermes CEO Carole Woodhead said: “We continue to invest heavily in innovative new ideas that will allow us to provide unrivalled levels of service to our clients. Parcel Manager will be a unique tool that enriches the customer delivery experience by improving communication. We are also currently developing a number of new features for Parcel Manager that will put customers in even more control of their deliveries.”


Skillweb’s SmartTask POD enables companies to track and trace incoming and outgoing deliveries, while communicating useful delivery details to the recipient.


Downloaded onto an incumbent worker’s smartphone, ruggedised or semi-ruggedised device – including the Motorola TC55 touch computer – the mobile software can run alongside Skillweb’s Houndit technology or a carrier’s current system.


When consumers choose their delivery option during a purchase, the information sent to a carrier relating to the order can be used by the software to generate a communication to the recipient via email or SMS stating an approximate delivery slot. This is based on how long it takes to get from a warehouse to the customer.





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