GLS launches FlexDelivery service in Poland

GLS, Royal Mail’s European parcels business, has launched its FlexDelivery parcel notification service in Poland, meaning the company can now notify recipient of incoming parcels in ten countries.



GLS first introduced FlexDelivery in Germany in 2012, and has since rolled the service out in the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and now Poland. The company is now preparing to launch it in France as well.


Rico Back, the GLS Group chief executive commented: “We have responded to the changing requirements of e-commerce as both ourselves and our customers deal with rapidly growing online shopping.”


GLS clients only need to provide the recipient’s email address, or where text messaging is used, mobile phone numbers, to have their customers notified of their approaching parcels. The notifications also offer to have items redirected to an alternative address or a GLS Parcel Shop.


The notification helps to provide faster delivery according to GLS, because it helps avoid failed delivery attempts. “It is win-win,” explains Back. “Our customers are satisfied, the delivery drivers rarely find themselves in front of closed doors, and our first-time delivery rate increases.”


FlexDelivery Service is also being introduced for cross-border parcel deliveries, so that consumers shopping internationally can take advantage. Since November, it has been available for shipments between Austria and Germany, and Belgium should join the cross-border network shortly.

Parcel companies and postal organisations are investing heavily in infrastructure and technology to take advantage of growth opportunities within the delivery marketplace. This is enabling them to improve the service they provide to customers and increase competitiveness.

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