Warehouse to offer free returns with new agreement with Doddle

Fashion retailer Warehouse has announced plans to team up with parcel delivery company Doddle to offer free returns to customers, with plans to launch collections later this year. Under the partnership, Warehouse customers will now be able to return online purchases for free via any of Doddle’s stores.


Doddle provides a dedicated and staffed service for collecting, returning and sending parcels.  The stores are strategically located in and around major UK train stations, which according to the company makes parcel collection and delivery something the customers “can do quickly and easily as part of their commute”.


Tim Robinson, Doddle CEO commented: “Giving customers a greater range of convenient options for delivery and returns is a priority for all online retailers. The customer experience in the final mile has been a pain-point for many retailers, which is where Doddle comes in, to ensure the customer journey is of the highest quality right till the very end.”


Postal organisations and parcel companies are investing heavily in infrastructure, service offering and technology to take advantage of growth opportunities within the delivery marketplace. This is enabling them to improve the service they provide to customers and increase competitiveness.


Skillweb provides an effective means of tracking and tracing incoming and outgoing deliveries, as well as communicating useful delivery details to the recipient, via its SmartTask POD solution, helping carriers of all sizes to enhance their service offering.


Downloaded onto a worker’s smartphone, ruggedised or semi-ruggedised device – including the Motorola TC55 touch computer – this mobile software application can run as a standalone solution, alongside Skillweb’s Houndit technology or a carrier’s current system.


When recipients choose their delivery option during a purchase, the information sent to a carrier relating to the order can be used by the software to generate a communication via email or SMS stating an approximate delivery slot. This is based on how long it takes to get from a warehouse to the customer.