Same-day deliveries will be reality with Skillweb’s real-time planning tool

Skillweb has launched a new real-time planning tool that is set to make same-day deliveries a reality.

An extension of the end-to-end item tracking solution Houndit Enterprise, the technology enables couriers and carriers to reduce the amount of time needed to schedule and manage time-definite deliveries by as much as 75 per cent.

The system provides complete visibility of all incoming orders from in-house and third party websites, allowing businesses to allocate collections and arrange deliveries efficiently. What’s more, the solution supports real-time information about individual jobs and any failures are recorded, allowing companies to recall parcels and arrange re-delivery.

A proof of delivery will be sent to a third-party customer system, which will trigger invoicing. To enhance customer service capabilities, the tool also sends a communication to the recipient via email or SMS stating an approximate delivery slot, based on how long it takes to get from a warehouse to the customer.

Paul Ridden, managing director of Skillweb, commented: “With increasing demand for time-sensitive, same-day services, courier, parcel and postal operators are faced with the issue of how best to manage employees in the field to ensure that deliveries are completed within strict timescales. Therefore, we have extended our proventracking solution Houndit Enterprise to help overcome this challenge by providing a simple and effective tool that will support the best possible service delivery and customer communication.

“Initial trials have shown that the real-time planning system can achieve considerable reductions in the time required to effectively schedule and manage couriers and operatives, helping organisations to confidently deliver more time definite services.”

How does it work?

The new solution enhances the tracking and recording capabilities of the Houndit Enterprise tool, by giving instantaneous updates about parcels and packages. This enables schedulers to allocate collections and arrange delivery with the most appropriate company based on location, workload and skill set.




A job order is then sent directly to a couriers handheld terminal, which is then reviewed and either accepted or rejected.

Outstanding workloads can also be monitored centrally, providing an overview of live jobs and any at risk of delivery failure. This enables companies to issue a recall and to rearrange delivery with an alternative company. A communication is sent to a customer system to confirm delivery and initiate invoicing.

Unlocking the potential of same day delivery

With big names like Amazon, Walmart Stores and Google moving closer to rolling out same day delivery, companies that can get products to customers quickly will have the edge in the now highly competitive e-commerce and retail markets.

Using Skillweb’s new tool, companies are able to manage resources to facilitate same-day delivery, while improving the customer experience with the allocation of specific time windows for drop off.

Couriers and carries can also streamline their services, by enhancing their ability to closely monitor all aspects of their business, cutting down the amount of time it takes to implement actions and schedule deliveries.

By Trevor Snaith

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