Royal Mail targets e-commerce delivery market

With online retail figures showing growth over the last few months, it is easy to see why parcel delivery providers are keen to tap into this expanding market.

Royal Mail is the latest company to focus its efforts onto the parcel delivery market, as the organisation looks to position itself as a partner for online retailers looking to distribute their products.

Today (Wednesday 5th), during England’s friendly game with Denmark, ITV will air the advert, which will be Royal Mail’s first campaign to target parcel delivery services for business customers in nearly five years.

Royal Mail has said that parcels are a major part of its business, with the service accounting for 51 per cent of its group revenue.

The 40-second advert will target SMEs, larger business and other types of e-commerce merchants, as the company looks to emphasise its significance as a parcel distributer for businesses in the UK.

Mike Newnham, Royal Mail’s chief customer officer, said: “This is Royal Mail’s first TV ad specifically targeting business customers for five years.

“Through the TV ad, we are promoting Royal Mail’s leading role as the parcel delivery partner for online retailers and emphasising the trust shoppers place in us to deliver the items they have ordered.”

It is understood that Royal Mail’s goal is to achieve a market share of UK e-commerce delivery due to the high level of competition in this area. It is expected that the sector will grow  from 9.6 per cent of the UK’s total retail sales (2012) to 12.3 per cent by 2017.

Efficient systems of operation are key for delivery firms looking to compete in the growing the e-commerce market.

SmartTask POD enables companies to manage peak volumes, tracking and tracing incoming and outgoing deliveries.

Downloaded onto an incumbent worker’s smartphone, ruggedised or semi-ruggedised device – including the Motorola TC55 touch computer – the mobile software can run alongside Skillweb’s Houndit technology or a carrier’s current system.

When consumers choose their delivery option during a purchase, the information sent to a carrier relating to the order can be used by the software to generate a communication to the recipient via email or SMS stating an approximate delivery slot. This is based on how long it takes to get from a warehouse to the customer.

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