Parcel shop to parcel shop shipping launched by DPD


DPD Germany has introduced a shipping service that enables parcels to be sent from one parcel shop to another. The company has confirmed that 6,000 DPD ParcelShops have become both dispatch and pickup points, with shipping rates starting from EUR 3.70.


 Shipping services, predominantly aimed at individuals and small businesses, will be offered for four parcel sizes – extra small, small, medium and large. All shipments are paid online before items are dropped off at a local parcel shop. The recipient will then receive an email to alert them that an item has arrived in their local parcel shop.


Boris Winkelmann, DPD Germany Chief Executive, commented: “Many consignees who are not at home during the day are already redirecting their shipments to one of our 6,000 DPD ParcelShops. We therefore want to make this option available to all private and small-scale business shippers at the stage when the order is placed. In addition, delivery to a shop is highly efficient, which means that we can offer this product at very competitive prices.”


Postal organisations and parcel companies are investing heavily in infrastructure, service offering and technology to take advantage of growth opportunities within the delivery marketplace. This is enabling them to improve the service they provide to customers and increase competitiveness.


Skillweb provides an effective means of tracking and tracing incoming and outgoing deliveries, as well as communicating useful delivery details to the recipient, via its SmartTask POD solution, helping carriers of all sizes to enhance their service offering.


Downloaded onto a worker’s smartphone, ruggedised or semi-ruggedised device – including the Motorola TC55 touch computer – this mobile software application can run as a standalone solution, alongside Skillweb’s Houndit technology or a carrier’s current system.


When recipients choose their delivery option during a purchase, the information sent to a carrier relating to the order can be used by the software to generate a communication via email or SMS stating an approximate delivery slot. This is based on how long it takes to get from a warehouse to the customer.