DHL to invest $108 million in Americas hub to meet e-commerce demands

DHL has announced plans to invest $108 million to expand its Americas hub facility at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport (CVG) in response to the continued growth in international e-commerce and global trade. The proposed expansion will provide additional gates to accommodate more aircraft, warehouse space and new equipment to provide greater capacity for sorting shipments along with unloading and reloading planes.


The CVG hub, one of three global hubs, connects the US to DHL’s global network spanning Asia, Europe and the Americas. It handles shipments bound for the US, Canada, Mexico and Latin America, processing around 46 million international shipments each year. The facility also connects nearly 100 service centres, gateways in Los Angeles and New York, and a hub in Miami to more than 220 countries and territories around the world.


Stephen Fenwick, CEO of DHL Express Americas commented: “This multi-million dollar investment underscores the DHL commitment to the U.S. market and the integral role that our hub here plays in connecting the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky region to our vast global network.”


“The expansion and service enhancements from this investment will provide additional infrastructure and efficiency. This in turn will support the continued growth in international shipments that we’re seeing as well as add to the economic well-being of this region.”


Postal organisations and parcel companies are investing heavily in infrastructure, service offering and technology to take advantage of growth opportunities within the delivery marketplace. This is enabling them to improve the service they provide to customers and increase competitiveness.


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