Can QR® codes level the playing field in the courier market?

In the modern world a business cannot expect to function without technology, but cost is still a burden for small firms in the courier market. Consequently, many are unable to implement the improvements needed to transform their business into an effective and efficient operation.

The parcel delivery industry is just one sector where the disparity between big and small companies is evidenced. Despite the necessity of courier POD systems, many smaller businesses are still without them or are using outdated models like paper.

However, the development of QR® codes is quickly levelling the playing field for firms.

Capable of working on smartphones, this technology can project codes in a large format. Consequently, QR® codes can now be accessed by a greater number of businesses.

Paul Ridden, Managing Director of Skillweb, explained to m.Logistics: “The emergence of cost-effective smartphones with near-field communication is driving the take up of these emerging technologies in workforces where previously hardware costs were prohibitive.

“Few people had access to the technologies because of the cost of readers and tags. Now the technologies can be downloaded on a delivery worker’s phone or tablet, removing the costs of providing a rugged handset.”

For couriers and carriers, this means it is possible to manage deliveries on tight budgets and limited resources. Solutions like SmartTask POD can be downloaded onto a worker’s mobile device, enabling them to integrate data, receive orders and make information accessible to the relevant people.

Deployed across platforms, SmartTask POD is an application that can be downloaded by a worker to their smartphone. Businesses are able to choose the most suitable handset for their needs, allowing workers to scan parcels, create exceptions and capture signatures upon successful delivery.

This is an adaptation of the Houndit Enterprise system, which is an easy to use track and trace solution. When consumers choose their delivery option during a purchase, the information sent to a carrier relating to the order is used by Houndit to generate a communication to the recipient via email or SMS stating an approximate delivery slot, based on how long it takes to get from a warehouse to the customer.

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