SkillWeb wins over Risk Management during SmartTask trial

Faced with the challenge of convincing the company that SmartTask for Security & Mobile Guarding is more reliable and technically efficient in providing patrol time verification than their existing system, Skillweb demonstrated that their solution has the flexibility needed to track and log attendance, in addition to real-time reporting capabilities and a secure customer portal.

Following the trial Tiras Turner, control centre manager at Risk Management, stated: “I feel that this solution is the perhaps the most complete way forward for security companies who operate in a key holding and alarm response environment. The technology is dependable and robust, negating the need for excessive amounts of paperwork to be held by patrol officers and limiting the need for constant unnecessary interaction between the attending officer and the control staff thereby reducing mistakes and response times.”

The Risk Management challenge

Risk Management selected Skillweb for a trial with its key holding and alarm response officers, after it became dissatisfied with its current system.

To fulfil its needs, the company required a technically efficient solution that was capable of reporting weekly information back to clients about when and where officers attended a site, thereby removing the financial and time costs associated with manually relying on such data.

Enter Skillweb

Skillweb have been working closely with Risk Management, implementing its SmartTask for Security and Mobile Guarding solution.

This easy to use security guard software sends up-to-the-second data to businesses about the whereabouts of security staff, their rounds and locations visited.

Guards swipe their mobile phones over a tag/label unique to a site, registering their presence. They are then able to access risk assessments and site specific data at the point of scan, enhancing lone worker protection.

Accountability of security firms is also assured through the new Customer Portal, which enables end users to see when a guard attends their site and what actions have been taken.

SmartTask Security and Mobile Guarding can be used in a wide variety of security and guarding service areas, enabling companies to comply with customer and legal requirements.

A success

During the trail, Risk Management was soon convinced that Skillweb and its product could deliver the service it needed.

Emma Ball, business development coordinator at Skillweb, stated: “For Risk, the real time reporting of attendance and checkpoints was the main factor that attracted them. The secure customer portal that enabled their clients to view this information was also a draw. All this done through technology and they are now not swamped by paperwork!

“The benefits were seen immediately, with the constant unnecessary interaction between the attending officer and control staff immediately illuminated, therefore reducing mistakes and response times.”

Risk Management was also impressed by the phone/patrol device, which combined two functions into one, proving to be more cost effective and easier to manage.

The tip of the iceberg

With the security industry constantly evolving and new legislation expected to change regulation in 2013, the need for businesses to have an effective solution in place has perhaps never been more salient.

Ms. Ball said: “Customer and legal requirements are both pushing the demand for SmartTask forward. Regulations must be met and customers expect to be
100 per cent sure that their property is in safe hands.

“With the customer portal, the customer is able to view when their property was visited, how long for and which checkpoints were made, alongside any incident reports. All this is in real time, from the second the action takes place, SmartTask enables both the customer and control staff to view this information, with no need for officers to return to a control room, plug in any devices then download to a back end system, when we say real time, we mean real time!

“Technology improves all the time and as a company Skillweb prides itself on our software developing alongside the security industry’s needs. We support our customers fully and grow alongside them. Wherever technology is needed in the industry, SmartTask will be there.”