Skillweb partners with Motorola for ground breaking TC55 launch

As Motorola Solutions launches its TC55 touch computer, Skillweb is pleased to announce that its SmartTask product suite is one of the first to be validated  on the device by Motorola solutions themselves.

Together with Motorola, Skillweb has been delivering reliably and securely for years to world-class organisations such as British Telecom, Jersey post and Yodel.

Like the TC55, SmartTask has been developed to embrace the emergence of Smartphone technology, coupled with a range of data capture technologies  such as NFC tags and QR codes.  SmartTask on Android is available for download from Google play – it’s easy to use and easy to deploy in small or large volumes.

The SmartTask family of Apps provides mobile worker features such as proof of attendance, proof of delivery, rostering, live tracking and alerts – specifically tuned for the target markets of delivery, security, care, and facilities management.

Paul Ridden, managing director of Skillweb, said: “Skillweb is delighted to support the launch of the exciting new TC55 pocket sized touch computer. Our ground-breaking mobile workforce management solution, SmartTask, is perfectly positioned to leverage TC55 sales into new markets, as well as extending reach within the traditional Motorola customer base. Skillweb is thrilled to be collaborating with Motorola and has ensured all products are fit for purpose, giving customers the ability to transform the way mobile workers operate.”

Why the TC55 and SmartTask?

Technology is a central part of the world we live in and as connectivity improves, demand for enhanced professional data collection and management has increased.

Businesses now expect to be able to equip their workers with touch computers that collect information in real-time, lower costs and improve transparency.

What’s more, staff want their professional devices to be as small and easy to use as their personal equipment, without compromising on durability.

For more information on how SmartTask for security can perform with the TC55 , watch the video

How does Skillweb fit in?

The TC55 supports Skillweb’s product suite of SmartTask for Security and SmartTask POD.

SmartTask for Security is an easy-to-use proof of attendance application that sends up-to-the-second data to businesses about the whereabouts of security staff, their rounds and locations visited.

SmartTask works by swiping mobile phones over a tag/label unique to a site, registering the presence of officers as they complete their patrols. They are then able to access risk assessments and site-specific data at the point of scan, enhancing lone worker protection and ensuring they are informed.

Security firms are winning more business by using  the new Customer Portal to give their customers transparent visibility of patrols in real time as they are performed, this enables end users to see when an officerattends their site and what actions have been taken.

For more information and to learn how SmartTask Security and the TC55 can benefit you, watch this video.

Meanwhile, SmartTask POD enables companies to track and trace incoming and outgoing deliveries extending the reach
of POD technology on to the innovative TC55 enterprise smartphone using the android operating system.

Paul Ridden commented “Having recently attended the TC55 launches across Europe we have found that the TC55 enterprise Smartphone combined with SmartTask provides a new dimension to mobilising workforces where it has previously not been cost  effective.  Motorola solutions channel partners in countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Germany and the UK are already seeing how this powerful combination can help their customers to quickly become more effective and win more business.