Skillweb increases influence with BSIA membership

Skillweb is now an associate member of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), positioning it at the heart of the sector.

The mobile guard software provider will be able to place its SmartTask product and associated services before an audience of key decision-makers and industry leaders through the BSIA, raising the profile of the solution.

Membership of the association is further evidence of Skillweb’s strength of directorship and senior executive structure, management capability and professionalism.

Paul Ridden, managing director of Skillweb, said: “Skillweb has been working with leading  security and mobile guard organisations  for some time with our SmartTask product.  Becoming an associate member of BSIA will allow us to be at the heart of influencing the future of the security industry. ”


SIA’s chief executive, James Kelly, commented: “The British Security Industry Association is delighted to welcome Skillweb to membership. As a company providing dedicated services to the security industry, Skillweb will now be able to leverage their BSIA membership to engage directly with the Association’s 500+ member companies, sharing best practice and industry expertise. Admission to the BSIA is subject to rigorous criteria and in joining the Association, Skillweb have demonstrated that they meet strict quality and operational standards, and company background checks. We look forward to working closely with Skillweb to promote their services to the wider BSIA membership.”

About Skillweb

Skillweb is guided by the principle that real time operational systems can improve accuracy, safety, costs and customer service. This has helped companies using their products to be leaders in their field.

While originally developing solutions to improve the management of consignments for logistics organisations, Skillweb has now branched out into the manned guarding sector with their SmartTask for Security and Mobile Guarding product.

This real time patrol solution is easy-to-use and sends up-to-the-second data to businesses about the whereabouts of security staff, their rounds and locations visited.

Available with a rostering function, web administrators can view the roster, add and edit entries and see time shifts as they occur through the Like View screen. Late or missed appointments can be seen by management immediately through the use of a traffic light system.

SmartTask works by swiping a mobile device over a tag/label unique to a site, registering a guard’s presence. They are then able to access risk assessments and site-specific data at the point of scan, enhancing lone worker protection.

Accountability of security firms is also assured through the new Customer Portal, which enables end users to see when a guard attends their site and what actions have been taken.

BSIA membership

The BSIA is the trade association for the security industry and is working to establish a climate in which BSIA membership is a symbol for quality and professionalism.

To become a member, companies must:

  • Prove directors and senior executives are of good repute
  • Demonstrate they are financially sound
  • Prove they have adequate insurance coverage in place to cover all potential liability arising through the conduct of their business
  • Demonstrate their organisation is soundly managed and that they conduct their business in a professional manner
  • Ensure employees conduct themselves in a proper manner
  • Illustrate their admission would be to the advantage of the Association and the security industry

The BSIA is committed to serving all members equally, promoting excellence and best practice to add value.

BSIA also aims to push the boundaries of innovation, while behaving ethically and passionately.