Paul Ridden MD of Skillweb thoughts on the New Android Motorola TC55



Paul Ridden, managing director of Skillweb, said:

“Skillweb has been developing enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for some years now and with the uncertainty around Microsoft’s OS strategy have invested heavily in building apps to take advantage of the only viable alternative OS Android.

The TC55 Enterprise Smartphone launch comes at an ideal time for us, as whilst we have found that some organisations will use consumer grade devices there has up till now been a gap in the market for a rugged Android phone which will be available for more than 6 months. When you add in the integrated barcode scanner, NFC and the innovative touch screen technology it’s a no brainer when you want to use Smartphones to mobilise a challenging workforce.

Our SmartTask solutions were originally developed and tested on consumer grade devices and we found the transition to the TC55 version of Android to be straight forward, The new MX extensions provided by Motorola solutions allow us to extend our apps to take advantage of a large range of enterprise features unique to the TC55 without compromising the agility of our Apps to run on other devices.

By combining SmartTask with the TC55 we can now provide enterprise solutions such as electronic forms, proof of attendance, proof of delivery and much more  to workers where previously the business case would not stack up.

Having recently been one of the first companies to have Motorola solutions validate two of our apps on the TC55, we are working together on a number of projects to deploy the device in to the hands of security officers, couriers and care workers.

Ridden commented “Having recently travelled across Europe to the TC55 launch events it’s not difficult to see why the combinations of the device and Motorola solutions excellent support services is going to be a winning combination. Motorola partners in countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Germany and the UK have been quick to see how the package of a TC55 and a Cloud based SaaS application such as SmartTask will enable a whole new range of customers to be mobilised quickly and effectively.

At Skillweb we have put together a video to show how the TC55 and SmartTask are relevant to the manned security guarding industry one of the many sectors which can benefit from this powerful combination The video can be found here”