Incentive Lynx Security selects SmartTask Attend for Security to enhance proof of attendance and workflow management

Operatives working at a 180-acre business park will initially utilise Skillweb’s SmartTask for Security and Mobile Guarding solution to achieve greater visibility, control and lone worker protection.
SmartTask will be installed on a number of Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled smartphones used by the 23-strong security team patrolling the site. It will allow operatives to scan 120 unique ID tags at key locations, simply by swiping over one of the mobile devices, to record attendance and actions in real time. This will ensure scheduled visits and patrols are being completed including critical building checks such as water leaks, windows and emergency doors.
The security guard system will replace an existing solution that does not offer the same levels of reporting, flexibility or simplicity. SmartTask’s added real-time and historical reporting capability will provide complete transparency of each security operative, their rounds, locations visited and tasks completed on site.
Supervisors will then be able to report via the online customer portal by operative or location to create time sheets, customer reports and even create a map of each staff member’s round when visiting multiple locations. Meanwhile, GPS tracking on each phone will provide added validation and allow Incentive Lynx to pinpoint the exact locations of guards at all times.
Rajeev Pradhan, Operations Director at Incentive Lynx commented: “SmartTask Security will enable us to achieve effective employee monitoring that not only delivers added value to our customers but also provides protection for our operatives. It is a flexible and smart solution that can be adapted to meet precise operational requirements to help us offer an unrivalled security solution.”
Trevor Snaith from Skillweb said: “Our simple to use applications are designed to enhance the workflow management of manned and mobile security solutions by ensuring critical work is being undertaken. It delivers a 100 per cent means of monitoring proof of attendance to support customer satisfaction and peace of mind.”