Yearly Archives: 2010

New Mobile Solutions Set to Double Patient Facing Time

Community healthcare workers can double the amount of available time to spend in front of patients as a result of a new mobile application from communications specialist Skillweb. Recent research suggests that, due to the current administrative systems in place, as little as 18 to 30 per cent of a community healthcare worker’s day is […]

New text and email alert to streamline home delivery

Skillweb is set to streamline the home delivery process with the launch of a text and email alert tool that can automatically update the consumer on the progress of a parcel including when a consignment is 30 minutes away. This innovative notification system offers post and parcels operators a means of better communicating with consumers […]

Skillweb has a record year across all industry sectors served

Skillweb experienced a record year during 2009 processing more than 150 million transactions through its mobile communications system that is used by leading delivery, supply chain, service management and healthcare companies. In particular, the post and parcel sector saw an increase of over 85 per cent; a 30% growth in the healthcare sector; there was […]